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Thank you for Supporting our Work


IPI works to defend the rights of journalists worldwide. We monitor violations of press freedom, engage with governments and lawmakers to improve legislative conditions for free expression, and provide training to ensure that journalists work to fulfill their role in society, to promote and defend democracy.

But we need your help.

IPI has been extremely fortunate in the support we have recieved so far. From media companies to leading journalists, to governments and foundations, people have banded together to ensure that we are able to continue our work and help more journalists every year.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu is one of IPI's supporters.

But our biggest supporters continue to be our members, who come from over 120 countries - and engaged individuals like you.


Donate to IPI – The IPI Press Freedom Fund:

Through this fund, IPI is able to support journalists and editors who are battling on the frontlines for media freedom and to make sure that their voices are heard. Over time, the goal of the Press Freedom Fund is to create a network of media professionals, in order to bring attention to the plight of our less fortunate colleagues.

Please consider donating to our Press Freedom Fund

Donations help:

  • Cover membership fees for editors and leading journalists from developing countries.
  • Pay for editors and leading journalists from developing countries to attend important regional and international seminars, conferences and congresses.
  • Carry out research and fund information campaigns about press freedom violations.
  • Cover the legal defence costs for charges brought by the state against editors and journalists, when the charges represent gross violations of their right to free expression.
  • Ensure the presence of legal experts and international observers at trials against editors and journalists.
  • Organise Press Freedom Missions to countries of concern.
  • Respond rapidly to press freedom violations as soon as they occur.  

How to Donate

International Press Institute
Press Freedom Fund/Emergency Response Fund:

Raiffeisenlandesbank NÖ-Wien AG
Michaelerplatz 3, 1010 Vienna, Austria
Account No.:  3-07.025.984
IBAN Code: AT19 3200 0003 07 025 984

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Other Ways to Help

Here are some ways how you can support IPI.